What To Do When You’re Feeling Homesick

Many of us have felt that itch to travel. We’ve caught the bug, developed the wanderlust, and have the desire to spread our wings far beyond what we know – and while travel certainly does feed the soul, there’s something that doesn’t get touched on as much: feeling homesick.

A sunset on North Pine Creek

There are going to be days when you find yourself, above all else, longing for the familiar territories you know, the familiar faces you left behind when you picked up and hit the road, and the comfort of your bed in your home. While a little homesickness can be unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to get your fix of ‘home’ without having to turn around and cut your journey short.

This is what a ‘home fix’ looks like for me:

  • I’ll make a cup of my all time favorite tea (green tea with pomegranate) and think back to a time when I enjoyed the same tea from my porch
  • I utilize social media! Sometimes a quick scroll through Facebook is all I need to check in on what everyone back home is up to and make sure all is well
  • Speaking of social media, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat are my best friends when I’m feeling homesick. I’ll message my parents and some of my closest friends to let them know I’m missing them. Both apps have the ability to send pictures back and forth as well as video chat on. A picture goes a long way, but sometimes I need to hear my mom’s voice and see her face, so I’m grateful for video chats!
  • I try to find something, even if it’s just one thing and is entirely silly, about where we are in the world that reminds me of home. Sometimes it’s great, sprawling mountain ranges, others it’s a building that reminds me of a shop on Main Street Omak

These are just a few small suggestions, so if you’re feeling homesick, get creative! You’d be amazed at just how similar home is to the great big world when you stop and really look around.


6 thoughts on “What To Do When You’re Feeling Homesick

  1. Oh, those horrible homesick feelings. Yes, I know them well. I would like to tell you that they go away with time, but that would be a lie. Indeed, after all of my years away from “The Homeland”, I have found that some bouts of homesickness are so strong that there is no fix other than riding out the storm. But the storm will pass and you will learn new and improved ways of coping for the next waves of homesickness.

    One thing I have found that helps to anchor me, whilst also helping my Mum to feel more a part of my adventures, is to do loads of photo galleries on my blog for my adventures. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really homesick, I will go on a mini-adventure that I know Mum will like and I will take photos of things specifically for her so that I can share the adventure with her as best as I can. In fact, I made a video call to her this summer from the summit of a hill so that she could watch the sunset over the Pentlands with me. Technology is so wonderful sometimes!

    Enjoy your adventures… I will look forward to following along on the interweb! ❤

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      1. There’s a spare room whenever you’re ready! And I’ve already started on a list of interesting adventures for you, including a list of sites and activities with strong pagan connections.

        Love you and miss you lots. Happy Thanksgiving!! ❤


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