Hey, I’m Cas.

Pilgrimage (pilɡrəmij) n. – A pilgrims journey

A year ago, I had a house, a 9 to 5 job, a long-term boyfriend and a head full of plans for our future together. Then, in the spring of 2020, I was left with a shattered heart and soul and no sense of direction on who I was or what I wanted. That’s why I decided to pack up my life, my dog, and a fellow heartbroken friend to make a pilgrimage across the US to repair my broken inner compass. Step into my world and take a pilgrimage with me, I promise you won’t regret it.

Latest from the Blog

Putting the Pagan into the Pilgrimage: How I Brought My Craft On the Road

Before I made the decision to go on my road trip I had begun re-exploring something I hadn’t been active in for almost a decade: paganism and witchcraft. It was something that had resonated with me from a very young age, but after a brief stint with Wicca as a pre-teen I fell away from…

What To Do When You’re Feeling Homesick

Many of us have felt that itch to travel. We’ve caught the bug, developed the wanderlust, and have the desire to spread our wings far beyond what we know – and while travel certainly does feed the soul, there’s something that doesn’t get touched on as much: feeling homesick. There are going to be days…

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